Custom PHP Decoder

Do you want to decode PHP script that has been encrypt with custom Protection??? well, i have special price for that. Let's we chat or send me email to myg3nx[at] and see what can i do... :)

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Socket Class Library For .NET Programmer

Do you want to create client server applications in an easy way, thus saving your valuable time and makes the application simply by accessing public functions of this class library? .... If so click the link here. Some features of the application is can send files, folders/subfolders and its contents, capturing screenshot from a client desktop via socket and etc.


MessPHP Obfuscator v1.0

In this section, you can encrypt/encode/obfuscator your PHP source code into one line . and ofcourse it will automatically remove all comment inside your script, replace all variable with unreadable word and scramble the source code. by doing this, it is hard to understanding the code.

For Better Experience Please Read Known Bugs and Tips to make more secure your appliaction using MessPHP

Original Code

Eval Encoded Using Classic Detools

Loop Base Obfuscate
-> Obfuscate Variable
-> Obfuscate Function
-> Obfuscate Class
-> Obfuscate String
-> Obfuscate Number
-> Obfuscate Common PHP and own Function
-> Insert Random Comments

It's important that the uploaded script has got the whole PHP encode only ( becarefull when edit the code directly, or the encode wont run nicely, leave it as they are!). The obfuscation don't work if HTML , other PHP code or JavaScript is included

Result Code