Custom PHP Decoder

Do you want to decode PHP script that has been encrypt with custom Protection??? well, i have special price for that. Let's we chat or send me email to myg3nx[at] and see what can i do... :)

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Socket Class Library For .NET Programmer

Do you want to create client server applications in an easy way, thus saving your valuable time and makes the application simply by accessing public functions of this class library? .... If so click the link here. Some features of the application is can send files, folders/subfolders and its contents, capturing screenshot from a client desktop via socket and etc.


Version History

In this page, you can see the version history of detools, from earlier time until rightnow

MessPHP v1.0
  • Change name from detools to MessPHP
  • Recoded the core from scratch
  • Add Number Obfuscation
  • Add Common PHP function and Own Function Obfuscation
  • Base Loop Obfuscation Compatible
  • Add Insert Random Comments
Detools v0.7.1
  • Fix bug the encoder while obfuscate string treat special character to normal character (thanks to simon for reporting the bug :))
Detools v0.7
  • Improve ability to Obfuscate variable,function and class name
  • Change Of String Obfuscation Technique
Detools v0.6
  • Improve ability to decode Octal, Hex String
  • Fix quota character issue of pipsomania decoder
  • Fix bug of encode tool
Detools v0.5
  • small improvement and bug fix
  • add some puzzle of encode tool
Detools v0.4
  • small improvement and bug fix
Detools v0.3
  • small improvement and bug fix
Detools v0.2
  • small improvement and bug fix
Detools v0.1
  • initial release