Custom PHP Decoder

Do you want to decode PHP script that has been encrypt with custom Protection??? well, i have special price for that. Let's we chat or send me email to myg3nx[at] and see what can i do... :)

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Socket Class Library For .NET Programmer

Do you want to create client server applications in an easy way, thus saving your valuable time and makes the application simply by accessing public functions of this class library? .... If so click the link here. Some features of the application is can send files, folders/subfolders and its contents, capturing screenshot from a client desktop via socket and etc.


Announcement, Now we have release detools v0.7 with some fiture improvement

On this day, we are very happy to be able to bring detools v0.7 with a variety of features that have been adopted. For more information please click on the link here...

Especially for encryption variables, functions and class I recommend only be used if your source code consists of only one file. It is feared because of the function or class that have encryption can not be invoked by the source code are in different files. (My algorithm actually had been able to resolve this situation, but my upload UI interface has not been finished yet and adding some ZIP API class in my php code)

In the Future, detools encryption program, the user interface will be changed from copy-paste become a file that has been uploaded into a single compressed file (ZIP), it is done so that among the files that are able to call the function or class without any error, due to the when performing the encryption variable, function or class conducted at the same time. Sorry for bad english

See yaa :)

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