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Do you want to decode PHP script that has been encrypt with custom Protection??? well, i have special price for that. Let's we chat or send me email to myg3nx[at] and see what can i do... :)

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How to decode php script for beginner

Hi, how are you...?? i hope you are in good condition. Ok lets start. i make this article because alot of people ask me about decrypting process... so, i pick some random encrypted php code for the example for this tutorial. here is the php script.

<?php if(!function_exists("agF1gTdKEBPd6CaJ")) { function agF1gTdKEBPd6CaJ($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI) { $fYZ2g87NjIGLnXVg=""; $rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY=0; $qVh0gqGnK20A4iOB=strlen($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI); while($rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY < $qVh0gqGnK20A4iOB) { if($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI[$rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY] == ' ') { $fYZ2g87NjIGLnXVg.=" "; } else if($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI[$rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY] == '!') { $fYZ2g87NjIGLnXVg.=chr((ord($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI[$rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY+1])-ord('A'))*16+(ord($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI[$rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY+2])-ord('a'))); $rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY+=2; } else { $fYZ2g87NjIGLnXVg.=chr(ord($ekV4gb3DGH29YotI[$rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY])+1); } $rZJ3glaFcSAz0dZY++; } return $fYZ2g87NjIGLnXVg; } } eval(agF1gTdKEBPd6CaJ('du`k!Ci`fE0fScJDAOc5B`I!Ci&gd !CbBhnpce]k_raf!CbBh%-dsjjpgn,lcr-%* !CbBd_lgjtcbs!Ci!Ciy cafm %%,!CbBd_lgjtcbs,%%9{ 9&((:')); ?>

look at the code above. The first step (besure you have installed php,mysql and apache) copy the whole code and paste into your favorite text editor, after that save it to your folder htdocs (xampp) or www (wamp). Now lookat to the picture below.....

change the "eval" to echo online 5 (online 5 is in my editor, adjust it with your own) and save it. type in the browser localhost/yourfile.php and then push enter button. Now, in your browser it someting like this:

eval(agF1gTdKEBPd6CaJ('he !Cioqdf^l`sbg!Ci&.etkkqho-mds.&+ !Ce`mhkudct((z dbgn &&-!Ce`mhkudct-&&:| :'));

Now copy the whole generate code from browser to your editor. Lookat the picture below...

Comment the line 5 by inserting /// at the first left indent. Paste the code that you have copied to the bottom of code (before tag ?>), and change eval to echo again, Now, go to localhost/yourfile.php and push enter button again, and done. now you can see the original source code like this

if (preg_match('/', $anilvedu)){ echo ''.$anilvedu.'';} ;

congratulation, you have just decrypt your first php code :). See me on next tutorial.....

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Commented by myg3nx on 2015-08-27 22:59:23

When i get free time, but i cant promise... :) stay tune

Commented by Abdul Aziz Bin Yusof on 2015-08-26 10:59:23

Hai , can u give another how to decode , i mean like more hard "fopo"

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